Project Description

Block 99

Block 99


Aspen, CO

Mixed Use

Residential 2,981 SF

Office/Retail 3,154 SF

Located in the Historic Town of Aspen, Colorado, the project includes a complete renovation of two historical cabins and a new three story mixed-use building. The cabin will be placed over a new basement and the exterior meticulously transformed back to its original historic detail. The modern three story addition will be placed behind the two historic assets, the first floor will house two commercial spaces, and the second and third floor will be a single residential unit with rooftop terrace. The new addition is designed to complement the historic cabins, utilizing exterior materials contextual with the historic town. The siting of the three buildings respects the scale of the historic town and creates a courtyard space internal to the site that promotes circulation while maintaining privacy for the residence.

Block 99 Street View

Block 99 in Aspen

Block 99 Picture, Aspen CO

Block 99 Exterior

Block 99 Interior

block 99, aspen, Colorado