Project Description


Boulevard One Phase VI


Denver, CO


Multi-Family 115,000 SF, 44 Units

This project represents an infill solution to a master-planned community, including a mix of rowhomes, paired homes, and single family detached homes, all for sale, to provide a variety of products and density to transition to and complement the already planned products adjacent to this phase of development. The introduction of landscape buffers and subtractive architectural volumes at the street frontage create variety and maintain privacy within the units. Rich in texture and material, the designs seek to use material changes and stepped massing to keep the buildings at an appropriate scale for a pedestrian-centric neighborhood. Large swaths of glass promote views and a visual connection to the streets and courtyard, but the scale and the use of glass is intentionally more subdued for the paired homes and single family dwellings to provide more privacy, given that the entrances and living areas are closer to the street and sidewalk level. Material choices are contemporary and include cementitious panels, wood panels and planks, stucco, metal and glass. Of course, the design includes a reference to Lowry’s history with the incorporation of the “Lowry buff” brick, along with other colors of brick worked in for variety.

Boulevard One Phase 5 single family home

boulevard one phase 5 residential project

bouldevard one family homes