Project Description

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Boulevard One Lot 7 Custom Home


Denver, Colorado


3,200 SF Custom Home

This two story single family custom home is located in the blossoming Lowry
Redevelopment in east Denver. The design is more than simply a home – it is
an artistic and sculptural statement. The design blends strong linear
elements with more traditional building materials such as wood, ornamental
brick and stucco to yield a very unique solution. Roof lines are simple and
clean with the addition of interesting overhangs. The interior spaces of the
house have a very open, flexible living/dining/kitchen floor plan, accented
with a fireplace as a center gathering place. Clerestory windows above the
dining table allow light to penetrate deep into the floor plan. The location
of the open, sculptural staircase at the first level creates a natural folly
between seating areas of varied scale. Multiple rooms open onto the exterior
patio, blurring the distinction between indoor and outdoor spaces.

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