Project Description

Cover Perspective 1

Mixed Use Building RiNo District


Rino Neighborhood, Denver, CO

Mixed Use/Residential/Retail/Underground Parking

Residential 181,272 s.f. (286 units, micro, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom unit)

Retail 36,162 s.f. (Urban Market and Neighborhood Retail)

Parking 96,300 s.f. (255 underground, 106 On-grade spaces)

Located in the Rino Neighborhood, the 286 unit 5 story mixed use development has been designed to be the ‘Urban’ cornerstone of the neighborhood. The ‘Hub’ of the program is a 27,000 s.f. Urban Market for the residents and the surrounding neighborhood. The units are designed to maximize efficiency while creating an ‘Urban Home’ for tenants. A community park and garden with bar-b-ques, dining areas, sports courts, and gardens is programmed for the rooftops. Units range from 400 s.f. for a micro-unit to 1,200 s.f. for a two bedroom unit. The basic form creates an ‘Urban’ edge around the perimeter while creating an inner more intimate courtyard for on-grade public parking and light corridors for the residential units above. The ‘NEO’ shell element creates individuality to each tower and define important material transitions.

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