The team at NEOstudio seeks to usher in a new era of design. We are a no-nonsense group of talented designers who make producing the highest quality architecture a top priority. Dissatisfied with the mediocrity prevalent in much of the Architecture industry, the partners at NEO imagined something different; They conceived of a company that celebrates the extraordinary and disrupts the status quo. NEOstudio was formed with a joint desire to offer superior work in a fun and dynamic studio environment. Our team is a collective of creative individuals with innovative minds, varied expertise, and diverse backgrounds. Our design solutions are born through a concentrated and collaborative effort to incorporate clients’, consultants’, contractors’ and communities’ ideas into the design solution. Our innovative Design Charrette process consists of intensive work sessions that produce real-time solutions. This process creates a vested interest in the project and results in a well-conceived, efficient, and cohesive vision.


Our Team

Gary Drexler ►


Ross Williams ►

Architectural Intern

Daniel Wilde ►

Architectural Intern

Tony Celano

Tony Celano ►

Architectural Intern

Keith Leclair

Keith Leclair ►

Architectural Intern